Sunday, June 21, 2009


photographer unknown

I always find that I get sad on Father's Day.

I have both my dads still - my step-dad just had his hip replacement surgery and he's recovering nicely. The man that adopted me along with my mom lives out on the West Coast, he'd be seventy-five now. I think the last time I spoke to him was August 2004.

We're not even estranged for any specific reason, as far as I know. He just lost interest in me after Dale got sick and didn't attend the funeral, and the last time I spoke to him was strained so I never tried again.

Anyway, I have an excellent life now and that's due in part to him, but I won't try to connect anymore. Today will be about Jim, who's been there for us since 1973, even if several of those years were spent arguing about cleaning up after myself and getting off the phone (remember party lines?!)

For all those dads out there, I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day.


  1. I am doing nothing today aside from hanging out with Tyler since yesterday morning. Maybe we will go for another walk before his mom picks him up after work. Thanks for the wish, Kate.

    I sooo remember party lines :-)

  2. Hope Jim enjoyed his day! Father's Day is a mix of emotions for me too. I miss my dad.

  3. Being a dadless child, I take this fatherhood thing very seriously...and my children return the attention. I love being a father. I wish my dad had felt the same. This has been a great day for me!

  4. My father died in July of 1979. It still feels as if I could pick up the phone and talk with him.....
    Parent memories....powerful things

  5. I miss my dad we passed away in 1984. But Fathers Day here in Aus is September. Maggs

  6. I love the photo... I hope you enjoyed Father's Day!

  7. Maybe later you will try to reconnect again. But it's hard to make an effort with someone that isn't reachable.

  8. this was poignant, and
    i am happy that your life
    is still coming together, to completeness.

    if you feel that it will, then it will.
    (and i get the feeling you are the type of person to make it happen.)