Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Bill, at Calaway Park, Calgary

I feel so bad for Bill.

Not only is his boss being a dink about his salary, but he's stressed out trying to quit smoking and trying to get the gazebo built on our deck.

On Monday his Doc gave him Champix and Ativan, and last night he was very preoccupied and quiet. At this point, it looks like he is the only employee of seven to have his texting capabilities removed from his work cell.

These small Alberta oilfield companies are almost always the same. They were often started in the 80's during the major oil boom, and have two to three divisions. Each division is managed by a different guy, who uses the company money to his best advantage - the company truck, the cellphones, travel. When the recessions hit, everybody else gives up everything, except for the managers (who usually have their wives involved in some minor role, but they have the same perks.) It's all so Animal Farm.

At any rate, he's applied for eight jobs, so I hope he gets at least two calls. He's also trying to use his time-off-in-lieu, so if they approve that, he'll have Thursday and Friday to apply for more.

Today I'm taking him something special for lunch, but I'm not sure what. He loves the smoked meat sandwiches from Costco, so maybe I'll take him that. Afterward, I have to pick up Jamie and take her to the labs for a blood draw, and pay the gas bill. Exciting day!

Hope yours is a good one.


  1. Toxic work places can be so stressful (I hope he finds a happier place to work).

  2. Good luck to Bill! Hope he hears some good news soon.

  3. I hope Bill finds something, Kate. The Champix worked for me, my doc didn't offer anything else.

  4. Toxic politics and workplaces can harm health so if it gets that stressful Bill is wise to vote with his feet!! Good luck to you both!! Maggs

  5. I have an extremely toxic environment and it has been killing me. I hope he escapes. I have not found a way out presently.


  6. I hope one of the leads works out! Good luck, Bill!

    Thank you, Kate, for reading the painted house and your comments. I hate to leave but it is the best thing right now--forcing myself to use my time wisely. :(

  7. Oh I hope he finds something that brings him peace and contentment rather then stress and discourse in his life. Crossing my fingers for him! Reading that you made him a special lunch is wonderful, those little things can't keep a guy going~

  8. he will find something...he has that look about him.

  9. sending good luck and best wishes your way!*hugs*