Sunday, October 24, 2010

there's a chilly mist today

painting by Mark Bryce

I'm a little disappointed that it's cold today, although it might not stop me completely from trying to place a bunch of rocks that we got yesterday.

Jamie, Em and I drove out to the farm to harvest rocks for the backyard, and it was a great day for it. We picked up one little boulder (40lbs+) and two dozen medium size pink rocks that will form the foundation of the beds that surround the stairs that come up from the basement. I've already transplanted some of shady plants from the front yard back there, but now I can replace the old boards with stone.

While we were there we visited with Mum & Jim, and I got to talk gardening with Mum for awhile. I can't wait until the Spring, because I'm going to fill their front yard with annuals!

Jim was a little grumpy but he's got another hip replacement coming up so he can be grumpy if he wants to be. Still, he gave me a box of potatoes from his garden, which is a real treat for us these days! I don't know why I didn't always appreciate the difference between fresh veggies from a garden and from a grocery store, but I'm loving the onions and garlic from Bill's sister Cathy.

I'm off to make some stew. Have a nice Sunday.


  1. My sunday was lovely but has been and gone. Now with thoughts of the spring to carry you though the long winter you should be right. I am hoping that next week is far less stressful for you.

  2. Sounds like an awesome Sunday. We had a nice Sunday too! Can't believe it is already Monday.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your rocks in their new home. We almost always come home from a road trip with new additions for the gardens, it's an addiction, I'm afraid.

    I agree, home-grown vegetables are far superior to anything from the store, aren't they?

  4. Stew sounds so yummy! And your yard sounds very pretty.

  5. I love fresh veggies from a garden! Yes, there is so much difference when bought from a store.
    Stew sounds great, we have that alot in Michigan. Hugs.

  6. Stew does sound wonderful. How in the world did you load up a rock that weighted that much? I bet your yard is looking great.

  7. moving rocks is tough exercise I imagine...

  8. It's excellent exercise! I'm afraid it'll take another trip or two to finish...