Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween weekend

In past years, our house has been covered with Halloween decorations. Pumpkins, on the verge of rotting, sat on the front steps; gravestones and cemetary signs covered the front lawn. Inside, the living room looked like backstage at a community theatre. Costumes and weapons covered the coffee table, end table and chaise.

This year with Jamie gone, the house is eerily quiet. Em is having a sleepover a few houses down, and it looks like she took her giant pumpkin with her. That thing weighed at least 25 lbs, lol.

Yesterday she went to school in her Mad Hatter Girl costume and it was a hit! At first she wanted to buy a costume but I talked her into getting a hat and building a costume around that and a Victorian jacket we cut down. After moving the buttons and slitting it down the back, I used a long black shoelace to put corset lacing in. She wore a blue satin bubble skirt, multi-coloured leggings and boots, and the other kids loved it.

We don't have any decorations up, but we do have a snow globe that has a skeleton couple dancing to Ding Dong the Witch is Dead and two crows that look down on you from the top of the desk in the kitchen. That's the extent of Halloween for us, this year, along with handing out candy.

Have a safe and happy weekend!


  1. It is not a traditional Aussie celebration ( as we are heading into summer here) but Geni attended two parties as mimi mouse and she and her friends got ready at our place last night, and all arrived home, and stayed the night. Life is about change.

  2. Halloween is just becoming popular in Germany. This year I didn't put up ANY decorations. I guess I should have invited my grandkids over and done something, but I procrastinated too long. :-(

  3. I don't usually decorate on the years that we are going home (which is this year) but it sounds like y'all are doing more than I did. I've stayed around the house today and been lazy- something that I don't do often and I have to say I love it :)

    Have a wonderful day *hugs*

  4. No plans here. We did go to dinner with friends last night and made a bonfire. Tonight will be a little more quieter. Though my 18 year just announced she and my neighbor's son may go trick or treating. He is 16. They are like siblings. Happy Halloween to everyone.

  5. I hid out from the hundreds of trick-or-treaters parading up our street. I like the holiday, but it's turned into such a greed-fest around here.

  6. The weekend was a blowout here...Trick or treaters everywhere...