Friday, October 15, 2010


The night I moved into my new house, 2004

Many of you know that I took a job at Bill's company as a respiratory technician; there hadn't been one for several years and the remaining staff were completely overwhelmed.

Lacey, the wife of the old manager, left the company when her husband got her a position at his new company, our competition.

After she left, we started seeing just how overwhelmed she was. Piles of files and invoices and requisitions lay all over the office, every surface was covered. Based on what I've seen, Lacey did nothing but sell C-Pap machines and service those customers.

She talked our boss into letting her hire a helper, based on the fact that she'd take over some of the home oxygen deliveries but that never happened. Apparently, she lied to get the help in the office with filing (fat lot of good that did) and sold Bill down the river.

I come along and six weeks later, have the deliveries done, the paperwork done, the filing, the Safety, the warehouse, the supplies, the troubleshooting and Bill is now down to very little overtime and can call on me when he needs something. Good, right?

Yesterday Bill was in a mood due to some computer error and even though I took care of it (and it's still being investigated) he decided to "be honest" with me. Apparently he'd been "spoiled" by Lacey because he could call her and she'd "make one call and it'd be alright" and he doesn't blame me because I am "inexperienced" and "need some more time to learn the ropes."

BIG, BIG, MISTAKE. I know he was just venting; but now I'm doubting that anything I do will make a lick of difference. Today I feel like quitting my job because apparently, I'm not doing enough, and to be honest, I can't do any more - working fifty hours a week is already too much.

The good news is, I don't have to see him tonight because he's taking his nephew to a hockey game and I'm taking Em & Jamie shopping. Hopefully this black mood will lift by then.


  1. I am so sorry you are going through this. Maggs

  2. I hate being compared to other people! Especially after you've done such a great job of getting everything organized! Sometimes people forget that the mess they were in was never ending, and the fact that this Lacey woman could solve one problem does not mean she was the best. A better solution would have been to have kept an organized office and not created the problems in the first place!

    Luck and I'm sure after a while you'll feel calmer.

  3. Ask him if'd like to have Lacey back!

    Btw., it's never a good idea to work for your hubby, just like it's not a good idea to learn tennis, driving, or any other hobby from him. As the wife you can NEVER be good enough! I experienced that and I've seen friends experience it. It would be best if someone else could take care of the paperwork and you just do the sales stuff or something that keeps you away from him during working hours.

  4. I would be mad too, but maybe the time apart for today will give him a chance to come to his senses. Besides- it doesn't sound to me like Lacey was doing such a bang up job and sounds like you've done MUCH more. *hugs* Hang in there

  5. Hi Maggie! It is definitely a learning experience. I will tell him today that comparing the new with the previous will not fly with ANYONE, but especially me.

    Senorita - thank you! I feel the same way and I'm sure he just doesn't know. He's learning a lot every day!

    Hi Westy! I don't work for Bill, thank god. My position is on par with his, and we make about the same amount of money. Also, I don't see him during the day, we're both too busy!

    Lori - I'm sure he was just venting and needed a target, but I hope he doesn't do it anymore...thanks! Our arguments don't last more than a day. I think for him, they last five minutes! But I need at least 24 hours to process all the crap that goes through my mind.
    Have a nice weekend!