Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm in my office, waiting for Bill to come back so that we can go home.

In the end, it was a good week! I did my deliveries and pick ups, and although we lost several clients this week they were people I hadn't met and I found it easy to deal with their families.

I met one man yesterday, Mr. Schultz, who is 85 and living in a town half hour south of here. His wife of forty years died last January and ever since, he's been sitting back waiting for everything to fall apart around him. It hasn't taken long, given that his wife did everything for him; all the banking and paperwork, all the Dr's and dentists appointments, all the bills. Anyway, he just needs so much and his kids aren't helping, so my office is stepping in.

I contacted a seniors helpline today and got the ball rolling. Ah, Bill is here. Back later!


  1. Have a good weekend! TGIF for sure :)

  2. Have a wonderful evening. It is tough when change kicks in after so long and with so much dependency. I know myself from some of my own changes ( after not nearly so long ) that it is difficult to begin again.

  3. Hi there! That's what I do for seniors....offer companion care. We have alot of clients that are just as you described. Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Maggie - change is so hard for me!

    WS - I admire you! I have a great rapport with seniors and wish everyone had someone like you.