Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I won't even wish for snow

Merry Christmas, 2009

Yesterday's snow made it really seem like Christmas, so I'm glad that the tree was up. And even though this year has been brutal in many ways, I'm really looking forward to the holidays.

We got this 7 ft. artificial tree last year and it really fits the space. It holds all of our ornaments and I love that we don't have to maintain it or clean up after it.

Do you have tree themes? For years I built a food theme around apples, candy canes, cookies and balls made of nutmeg but that changed the year that Bill came. I bought a group of family snowmen, one with each of our names on it. Em wasn't with us that year but we tell her she was with us on the tree. Bill has a little gold firetruck from the first year that he was here, and Jamie added a bear in a canoe from her trip to Vancouver in October. Dale has one of his gold medals tied to the tree with a red ribbon (my late husband was a Shotokan Karate instructor) The little snowman in the pic is part of a group that I bought last year.

Tokyo was a little put out because we took her spot from in front of the window, but she's making up for that by walking all over our entertainment unit. I swear she sheds more to get even, lol.


  1. Hi Kate :) Thanks for stopping by the other day. I am definitely feeling better though you know how it is when you're sick. It takes forever to get truly over it. Worse than a broken heart I think :) I kid!

    I actually do have a theme for my tree too! Mine is matching ribbon and christmas globes (balls?). The ribbon is white with gold filigree on it and the globes are all gold. My rooomate added red ones last year, some with a little gold on them. It really looks nice though with the added twinge of color :) Your tree looks great by the way!

  2. Thanks! I'll try to keep posting pics, I've been missing it.

    Your tree sounds beautiful. Post pics!

  3. HI Kate - - our tree is the theme of our lives. Each ornament has a story. I even put the ornament from Graham and mine first Christmas. When I took it off the tree in 1999 it broke - which broke my heart - little did I know that was our last Christas together. I put the pieces in a plastic ornament ball and it still goes on my tree every year. This year we are adding our ornaments from Alaska, The Grand Canyon and New Mexico.

    I have missed your lovely posts and pictures - without your inspiration earlier this year I would have never discovered the joy of blogging.