Friday, December 18, 2009

gifts of Christmas Past

Christmas gift, circa 1971.

This little sewing maching was one of my favourite Christmas gifts, ever! That would explain how it's survived for going-on thirty-nine years and over a dozen moves. My other was an Easy-Bake oven, but I lost that when Mom & Dad broke up and dad gave away our toys out of spite.

But I digress. I'm sure this little sewing maching would work if I installed batteries, and maybe I should because Bill is going to need a few pairs of pants hemmed, lol.

Here's a Christmas joke:

"Santa, have you lost weight?" "Mrs Claus is looking exceptionally pretty today." "Your toys look wonderful this year."

- Rudolph's cousin, Larry the Brown-Nosed Reindeer


  1. How wonderful that you've managed to keep your little sewing machine Kate. Lol to the joke.

  2. I knew a few people that must be related to Larry there :)

    How cool that you got something like that! My mom taught me how to crochet when I was little but I have no idea how I learned because all I remember is, "Not like that! Like this!" Then a flurry of fingers, yarn, and the needle! That was the first and last thing my mom attempted to teach me and my sisters - she knew why she wasn't a teacher :)

  3. That is so cute - I still have my sewing machine circa 1970 something. I was too old to get an Easy Bake - so I loved babysitting the younger girls and playing with it (I was 13 - don't judge LOL)

  4. I remember my mother still using an old (even for the time) hand-operated sewing machine for many years before my dad got her an electric one, probably sometime in the early 80s. Sadly we junked it in the last house move: it was one of those old black cast iron things with decorative scrollwork painted on. I even had a go with it myself a few times as a child.

  5. It's amazing you still have that sewing machine! I know that through all of our moves I've lost most of the stuff from yesteryear!