Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I got this poinsettia by using 500 Sobey's points. It's cute, but those Sobey's points are useless - I think that you need to redeem 1200 of them to get a tiny bag of shredded carrots. Do American and foreign grocery stores do this? Award one point for every dollar spent just to track your shooping habits?

Ahem. Anyway, I like to get at least one poinsettia each year, to compliment the various silk ones around the house.

Tonight I hope to start wrapping gifts. Exciting!


  1. I get points here in B.C. They have added up and I have used them for a vacuum, 2 electric razors for my sons, a large turkey, and a couple other things I can't remember.
    I do buy a ton of groceries though so I guess they add up quickly. Plus they have bonus points of 5000 if you spend over a certain amount some days.
    Like you say though they are a bit of a scam. I would rather have cheaper groceries instead.

  2. Very pretty. It feels like Christmas over here:)

  3. One of our supermarkets does it and I have points but I have no idea what I can do with them haha

    The poinsetta is beautiful.

  4. Not too sure about the points, but they definitely track your buying habits. Nothing is secret any longer...not even what kind of wine I like.

    Nice photo btw :)

  5. we use a nearby supermarket chain that just switched to the point system. like Lori, i do't understand it either. but, what i do like is is the 5 cent/, 10 cent/,or 15 cent gas reward/discount!

    it's nearly impossible to purchase or do anything without being tracked in our society. privacy is a joke

  6. Lovely pointsetts!
    I save up my sobeys points and use them for groceries. It does take a while to accumulate them but I shop there anyways.