Monday, November 30, 2009


photo by Carin Fausett

Fifteen minutes ago I had just finished lacing up my boots and putting on my scarf when a stiff wind picked up and created a white out. It's been blizzarding ever since and I doubt I'll get to run my day-off errands any time soon. This would normally upset me, but since we finished putting up the tree last night and I have a roast about half done in the oven, it's pretty cosy.

Things have improved a lot since I gave up the Nissan. What an incredible weight lifted from our shoulders! I know that I will face penalties but for this moment - I'm just happy being able to balance the rest of the responsibilities.

Work is going okay now that I'm getting into the groove, but I still struggle with being tolerant. There are only a few things that really get to me.

The worst is bad parenting. Some people stay for four or five hours. Others let their children tear through the store, climbing all over everything or into everything. They leave toddlers alone in the toy department then refuse to buy them anything, or argue all the way to the register. The staggering theft bothers me, especially when I know it's just happened in the last few minutes, while I was nearby. It's hard to not take it personally.

The great thing is being able to see so much merchandise before anyone else, being able to place it on hold, and getting everything at a discount, which will really help this Christmas. Also, we decided to sponsor a family this year and my store helped us by donating bakeware, which was very helpful.

I'm off to get milk, now that the storm has died down. Happy Monday!


  1. I worked retail for many years. My biggest peeve was when the kid would cry and scream for a treat and they would say no, no, no for half an hour then they would give in. You made me listen to this crap for so long and then you give in???? Get a freakin' backbone parents.
    I've caught many shoplifters in my day but I would be a little scared of stopping someone nowadays.

  2. Bad parenting in a store is really obnoxious. Glad that the storm is dying down.

  3. Our problem was handled as best as I could. If Tyler got really bad (and he could be really bad), I removed him from the store.

    No snow here. Happy Monday!

  4. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my 'giveaway' post! I really appreciate the support for this great cause!

  5. like Doug, I would take the kid outside and NOT give in!

    I'm glad you're sounding positive again. I miss your entries....

  6. Nice to see you posting again Kate and like Dorrie I'm glad things are sounding better for you. I've never seen a blizzard - one day perhaps.

  7. Scene of kids tearing through the store .. ? Not my favorite either!!

    Hope you have a good week !


  8. Missed you Kate - sucks about the snow but as always no matter what your fabulous outlook on life shines through. Oh and ya people suck!! I just hold on to the good ones that I find and do my best (hard sometimes) to ignore the rest.

  9. I'd love to have some snow right about now!

    Glad things are looking up for you!