Saturday, August 29, 2009

summer waning

photo by BIll Jobling

Emily goes back to school on Tuesday, and I am so looking forward to routine again!

As summers go, it was pretty good for both kids, other than the part where Kyle became an ass wipe and Jamie had to dump him. I know it sounds harsh, but I think he did it that way because he wasn't man enough to break up with her on his own - I think he planned it, and I think that he is persuing one of her friends right now.

On the other hand, Jamie is enjoying her new job so far. I really hope she makes new friends there, and maybe meets a guy who would enjoy going to a movie or going for coffee. Guy friends are awesome to have after a break up!

Today I'm working a short shift at the clothing store. Bill and Jamie are picking Em up from the lake and will be back to pick me up when I'm finished my shift, then we'll have supper and Em can go through all her school supplies.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Many boys never become men. Tell her to never let a guy decide her life and her happiness for her. tell her to take control.

  2. Hope you are having a great weekend, Kate. The supervisor is back tomorrow so that makes an easier week for me :-)

  3. Hope Jaimie's OK makes a pile of new friends soon.

  4. I love the picture on your post. So pretty : ). Great reminder that summer is leaving. Sad, but true, right? : )

  5. Thanks! Yes, I'm going to miss summer a lot this year.