Monday, August 3, 2009

still looking for a good fit

In the last week I've become very aware of the fact that I do not want to work for Sandy, the woman who is my part-time boss. She's been running the clothing store for eleven years and was my colleague when I managed the sister store in town, so we used to see each other in Vancouver and Montreal at the rollout meetings.

She hired me in May 2008. For the longest time I worked very part-time and never really had a chance to see what some of my co-workers were talking about. Then one of her two assistants walked off the job and I picked up all her shifts for last week and everything became crystal clear.

She gets grumpy and resentful about all the hours she's required to be there (been there, done that) and starts treating her staff badly. I actually saw some of this this past Spring when I applied for the H&M management position. After they dropped me, she started saying random stuff like "oh, it's too bad that H&M didn't want you" in response to me saying "wow, this t shirt table was torn apart today."

It was all petty stuff but easy to let go, until I was there every day for nine and a half hours. She's not the kindest woman and tends to do a lot of complaining and finger pointing. We have security cameras and she views hours of it every day, then sends her minions out to document. This past week she didn't like that she saw my yellow bra strap when I was wearing a white India cotton smocked tank, so I had to discuss it with her assistant. We had a head office visit on Tuesday and she felt it was important to tell me to "dress properly" for it.

The problem with that is that I still dress in jackets, skirts and sandals and she wears pull on pants with blouses that haven't been ironed, and many people mistake me for her boss.

Obviously, it's time for me to move on when someone tries to put me in my place.

I have applications in at a few independent living buildings and condos, and I want to apply at Pottery Barn tomorrow. I've already given my notice at the store.

You know, this is the first time in my life that I haven't been making much money and it freaks me out. At forty-four, I should be saving for retirement, not trying to get the mortgage payment together.

At least we're all healthy and otherwise happy!


  1. Kate - you said it best in your last sentence - we know it can be much much worse.

    Sandy just sounds like a sad pathetic jealous woman and you are best rid of her in your life.

    Good luck at Pottery Barn - I could never work there -- I would buy out the store every day LOL

  2. I am so sorry you are being dealt with in such an unfair way, as you said "been there, done that!" Write a book, you would be an awesome author!

  3. Kate, you don't need Sandy anymore that's for sure. She is insecure probably. I'm sorry that you had to deal with all this stress. Hope something GREAT comes through soon :)

  4. There isn't much worse than hating your boss and despising your job. Get out while you can! Good luck on the job search!

  5. Just take one day at a time.*hugs* I could never work for someone who treated me that way.I am a perfectionist and like to be constantly praised.I work extremely hard and do extra work and I take pride in my job.The pay doesnt even matter I still work super hard and if they treat me badly after giving it my all everyday,I would walk out.

    Your an awesome person,worker,and you look very sophisticated and professional.She just sounds like a bitch:)~Good luck with your other job applications.We dont have a Pottery Barn anywhere near us that I am aware of.I have never even seen one.Miss you.

  6. Good Luck in your job search!! I hope you find something perfect, where you will be treated with the respect you deserve!!

    I hear you on saving for retirement, and not scraping together the mortgage payment. At least your not trying to scrape together RENT like my husband and I are! :-)

  7. MamawKing is right. you're a talented writer with tons of life experiences to share. write a book like 'the glass castle' and it'll be a bestseller.

  8. I truly feel for you Kate. Too often I have had bosses who laid around on the job -- telling me to do their work only to turn in my product as their own. Funny how those who do not pay attention to their own laziness would criticize others who are putting out effort. THAT'S VERY FRUSTRATING TO ENDURE!

    {Meanwhile? I've never found that perfect work place; sad to admit.} I keep reminding myself that happiness is a state of mind . . .

  9. I know what you mean about saving for retirement. I spent mine last year. I am not looking forward to getting out in the work world much either. But such is life.