Sunday, August 2, 2009

summer reading

It's been awhile since I've done any blogging! I wish I could say that my life is too busy to get here, but the truth is that I've been working, playing around on facebook, and reading two very different books.

The first is an old Barbara Delinsky novel, called T.L.C., written in 1987. I get a kick out of the descriptions of their clothing - heavy wool skirts, wool tights, and silky blouses with little ties at the neck. Also absent is the mention of cell phones or computers, lol.

The second book I'm reading is an old novel by W.O. Mitchell called Who Has Seen the Wind? I picked it up at a yard sale for 25 cents, and I'm pretty sure this one was on my reading list in elementary school. It's set in 1947 Saskatchewan.

I love reading at the beach, so I think we're headed out to the lake today. Are you reading anything good?


  1. I am famous (okay not really) for getting 9/10ths of the way through a book and then for some reason I put it down for months. I don't know why I do that but I have many unfinished reads out there right now.
    The last one I started was The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb. I really enjoy his books.

  2. Let's see, I constantly have a list going. I'm working on a Vampire series. No, not Twilight but House of Night series. And, speaking of things first read in youth, I'm about to reread all the Austin Family books written by Madeleine L'engle.

    I read a novel written in the early 80's the other day and I also got a kick reading about the technology (or lack of) and the clothing descriptions.

  3. No fictions but I am reading Why does he do that? Inside of the minds of angry and controlling men By Lundy Bancroft. It is so good

  4. i was reading "a tale of two cities" when i moved. i have no idea where it went and i was on the last chapter. this is coincidental, but i just built a bookcase today and unpacked all of my books finally. strange.

  5. I'm reading The Borgia Bride by Jean Kalogridis. So far, I'm enjoying reading along as the historical suspense builds on each page. I want to read at the beach too!!

  6. I've missed your regular entries... but enjoy your "off" time. {hugs}

  7. Good to see you back Kate.

    I'm currently immersed in Scar Tissue, the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis - fascinating stuff.

  8. Reading Kathy Reich books now, she is the lady whose work inspired the TV show "Bones." Plus just reread all the Twilight, and the Sister's Grimm (a little young read for a lady my age) they are so enjoyable.

  9. Lori - I just started doing that in the last few years! I think I misplace one book and then start another.

    Bethany - I believe that Em might be reading the same Vampire series.

    Tanya - I should have read that when I was married to my first husband, lol!

    Quez - I tried to read that book, but could never get past the second page.

    septembermom - it rained! It was too hot during the day and then cold air came in from BC. No beach.

    Thanks Lou!

    Mamakim - I'll watch for Kathy Reich books. Glad you're enjoying the Sister's Grimm!

  10. Hi Kate - glad to know you are never too far away. Hope you were safe from the weather yesterday -- looked ugly in Calgary.

    I am working my way through the Courtney series by Wilbur Smith - I think Monsoon is the most famous. Love his writing -- very very rich and descriptive.

  11. I'm still stuck on the Twilight series. I have been reading Secret Diary of a Call Girl and it's pretty good. Just started another one that I totally forgot the name of! I love chick lit, so you can usually find me with that!

  12. I'm reading a book series and I am only on the first one so far.Its called Dead in Dixie and after reading not even half of it,I sware Stephenie Meyer copied her Twilight ideas from this series.

    They also have a show about this series on HBO called True Blood.

  13. How did you get cool air from BC - we haven't had cool air for over two weeks. Send some this way -- PLEASE!!!