Thursday, September 3, 2009

is it Thursday already?

I feel terrible writing all those mean things about Jamie's ex-boyfriend, but for awhile there, he was really bothering me. I think he could have handled everything better, but after awhile, Jamie placed a call to him and asked him to back off. He was a gentleman about it and as far as I know, Jamie wants to try to stay friends. She says he was a terrible boyfriend but would make an awesome friend. Good for her.

I started my new job yesterday but it's not exactly what I'd hoped for. The people are nice but the hours stretch long, and since they've turned down the A/C in an effort to be more green, it's uncomfortably warm for the last four hours of your shift. I might plead with them to turn it up again because there is only so much sweat one can take!

There is more drama going on at the other clothing store since the manager returned from vacation days and heard I took this other position. I do not believe it to be a conflict of interest, but she's using it to chastise her one remaining assistant.

It's a common occurence, unfortunately. She'll come back from days off and start the day at 9 a.m. She'll start looking for mistakes and things not done and start working herself into a state of resentment. By the time poor Becky arrives she's ready to strike. It's sad because not only did Becky get two markdowns finished, she placed the store in the Top #5 in the country and managed to keep the wage cost in line.

I feel for her, but this is one reason I'm not working there full time. I have a shift on Saturday, so I told Becky that if it was a conflict of interest I would forgo that shift. If she's willing to work with me, I'll be there. *sigh*

All this makes me think I should really persue the schooling, but until Bill gets working I'll stick it out. Once he starts getting a regular paycheque I'll be able to focus on upgrading.


  1. Hey don't feel bad about what you said regarding your daughters ex. Your daughter comes first not him. If she can be friends with him, good for her but you do what you need to do.

    Good luck on your new job too :)

  2. You will love going to school. Sorry the new job was less than stellar. And do not apologize for what you said - you just spoke the truth and I think its great that Jamie acknowledges friends is better than lovers.

  3. The kids are alright, Kate :-)

    That would be really cool if you could go back to school. I'd go back to school but I don't know what I want to be when I grow up...

  4. You're doing o.k. with the kids, Kate. Good luck if you go back to school. That's terrific.

  5. I can't say that I blame you for not wanting to work in that store full time. I miss catching uop with you *hugs*