Saturday, September 4, 2010

a conversation about journalspace

Em came home from school yesterday, exclaiming "Oh my God! I was filling out forms today and had to give my social teacher your email."

I was sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop open, Jamie was making something to drink by the fridge, having come over to finish packing.

"When she looked at it, she said 'Becomingkate?' and I said 'yeah' and she said 'oh my God I used to follow her on journalspace!'"

I looked up over my reading glasses. "Journalspace?! What did you say?" I asked.

"Nothing! I just looked at her like this. Oookayyy."

"I didn't know there was anyone from here that followed me at JS," I said, surprised.

Jamie walked over. "Me either!! Small world, hey?"

Indeed! I have so many happy memories of journalspace. There were so many people whose lives I really cared about, and so many people that followed my posts from the time I'd first met Bill. Some of the very first I remember meeting was Silent Whisper, Wizardress, Tammy and Kittywoman.

Remember Smotlock? He was definitely one of a kind, love him or hate him.

I really enjoyed photography blogs, or blogs with the writer pouring out their hearts, or sharing their stories of every day life with family and friends. It's true that at the end of the day, I would much rather leave a nice, encouraging comment than a contrary one, but most of the time my comments were like a friendly wave as I weaved through link after link of friends posts.

Maybe now that I have weekends off, I can keep up with the awesome friends I have here and at various other blogsites.

Have a good weekend.


  1. journalspace WAS a unique place that's for sure. but i'm finding that blogspot is equally as good and has some wonderful people here. "including" those from JS such as yourself?:)

  2. no other site compares to JS! This place doesn't have the homepage for catching interesting comments and seeing new people who have signed up, etc. There just isn't the same social closeness as JS had.... pity, really. I miss it!

  3. I made real friends at JS. I haven't felt that opportunity here...but then my life has changed.

  4. sojourner - absolutely! It's not so much the site anymore as much as it is that my life is different now.

    Dorrie - that's so true, but even so, I probably wouldn't have the time anyway. I don't miss JS anymore, I just have happy memories of it.

    Breath-e - isn't that true! Our lives have evolved as well, and while I still think about everyone and wonder how they're doing, I can't find the time anymore. Hope you're having a good Saturday so far!

  5. Gosh I do miss journalspace! The rest of the blogosphere is a cold hard place in comparison.

  6. Isn't it a small world? I love that you've left behind missing JS Kate - life changes, we move on. You've proved repeatedly that you have the courage and strength to achieve this.

  7. Bethany - you were also one of the first blogs I remember reading! And I still love visiting your new blog. You and Fin have such adventures!

    Fin - lol!

    Lou - small indeed! I'm on my over to visit your page right now.

  8. Nothing will ever compare to JS. But I have made some wonderful friends since that time on both Blogspot and Wordpress. I started reading and commenting and next thing ya know, I've got a similar following and have had the opportunity to meet some from far away. I don't think it would ever be the same again though if another JS came along.

    And I'm so glad I got to know you over these years, Kate.

  9. No comparison, that's true! We were a part of something awesome. It helped me through a lot!
    Anita I'm glad to have known you as well.

  10. Journalspace was definitely a one of a kind community- and a wonderful place.

    It IS a small world. Just reading this made me smile, and I bet made you feel even better. I don't get to read as much as I did before, but I'm trying to get things better prioritized so I can fit more time in for reading blogs. I sure miss it.

    *hugs* have a fabulous weekend!

  11. Hi Kate ! I see you were over to my new Blogger blog "My Journal Space" Thankyou for reading.

    As you know, I also posted about JS Land ..on the 4th. I miss it so much I named my blog after it. (the original JS of course!)

    Oh by the way, would you happen to know where my Journalspace Traveling Tee Shirt is ?

    That is my most recent post , and I'm trying to find it ! :)

    C'ya later, kater :) Oh and I miss "Miss Kitty" too~

  12. Hi Wiz! Nice of you to stop in.

    Sunny, I didn't read that one on the 4th so I'm going back to read it now. Happy Sunday!

  13. I'm still wit yeah girl:)Following.
    Nice post.It too put a smile on my face here.
    I mean what are the chances you find out of a virtually unknown readying your journal? Wow...I'm telling you that's an ultimate compliment! Awesome it is.

    I've been trying to get active here again.I keep trying Connect, but, hm, seems more of us here.I write in Connect when I have real life venting to do because that particular blog isn't out floating in the hemisphere as this one I have on blogger.I have a feeling though, or a notion with myself that eventually I'll break and start writing here, in Blogger,with a little more letting my guard just a notion is all:)

    I sure love seeing your blogs about here.I miss the many of you so much at times and feel a REAL NEED in connecting.The relief is in the proof that I am not the only one in the last while talking of how I miss JS.Gawd...I miss it at times.

    Funny how you bring up Smotlock.I haven't heard that name in ages.He sure made it colorful.I wonder what happened to his, coughs, big personality? lol.

    Anyways, glad to see and read you ,Kate,with the others I've come across from JS:)

    Hugs to you all.
    Love-Silentwhisper-now Canadianmade.

  14. Oh man, I sure do miss JS. It was one of a kind. Blogspot just isn't the same, but it will do. I don't mind that I don't get readers, but I am glad that I can stay connected to my old JS friends via FB.

  15. I miss the people I came to know. I have been here and there and have been writing a little bit more here because so many of you are at this place. I don't write as much as life gets busy, and I need other things in my life. Kate you have always been one of my favorites.


  16. Dee, Dani and Roz - three of my favourites for years! nice to see you guys!

  17. And I know I have been quiet for while as my entire life upended but JS was a place wheRe I too made many connections I sTill and always will tReasure.... Like you!!!

  18. Maggie! As well as you my friend. *hugs*

  19. the response you got on this entry says it all.... JS was a special place where REAL people connected!!

  20. Becomingkate, just wanted to chime in again. Yours was also one of the first blogs I began reading at JS. I still remember so much of those early days and it's been wonderful to watch your life even out and see how successful and happy your relationship with Bill turned out. I'm certainly wishing you well in the new job!

  21. I used to kid that JS's owner should move his servers to something newer than Commodore 64s :-) but I got to know a lot of people there. It was my first experience as a writer/diarist/blogger, and it was while at JS that I became interested in photography. Many of you may have suffered through my "Post Whore Sundays" :D

  22. Dorrie - absolutely.

    Bethany - I remember all your hat entries. maybe next summer you could model some more :)

    Doug - Yes, I remember "Post Whore Sundays!" I always like your photos.

  23. I also remember JS as a very cool place ~ I too made a few very special friends from there. I think a lot of JS'ers landed over at KCL, which is also a cool place :)