Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yesterday, I lost the 1/2 carat diamond out of my engagement ring from Dale.

I was pretty sad about it becaue the diamond meant a lot to Dale. It took him six months to pay it off, and once when I lost it in the clothing store I managed, he was so disappointed. Thank god it was found a month later and for Christmas he gave me a narrow gold band with channel set diamonds to hold the engagement ring in place.

I wore the diamond with mine and Dale's wedding band for a full year after his death, then not again until after Bill and I were married. I loved how well it set off the diamonds in the band that Bill gave me.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that the diamond was gone, and my heart just sank.

Bill says he's excited to help me find a new one, and I'll leave the other one behind. Besides, it could be anywhere - I visited several nursing homes and a couple of private homes. It could be in someone's vacuum cleaner by now.


  1. Oh that would have knocked my wife completely out for the count. UGH!!!

  2. I remember you writing about this ~
    Let's all hope and pray the diamond shows up ~
    and that it's not in someone's vacumn cleaner.
    Have a nice weekend :) *hugs*

  3. Oooh, that just smarts. Maybe it will show up. I loat a ruby necklace my husband gave me. I've looked everywhere. Not fun.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost it Kate. I'm so sentimental and that would have made my heart sank too. *hugs*

  5. Thanks you guys. It was just awful! I still get sick thinking about how my empty ring looks :(

  6. I think having a new stone set in a band full of memories is a nice way to have a continuum of life and love...but my heart sank when I read of the diamond coming out. My wedding band (which has the diamond from my mom's engagement ring)is also channel set and I thought that was soooo safe. I have to get it resized as even my fingers are fatter than when I got married in 2000.

  7. Sad to hear you lost a piece of the past, but happy to hear you're getting a replacement.