Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christmas Morning

Em's new Ideapad

That's what it felt like at 9:00 last night, when we gave Em her new Ideapad.

I've wanted to give her one since she came home from her Auntie's house asking if she could use my laptop (nope, sorry) and the best time to get it would be during the month of September when all the back-to-school sales are still going. Bill and I were paid on Wednesday, it took us three days to find the time. Finally, he decided to take Em with him to Edmonton, to drop off his work truck and I took Jamie with me to get the Ideapad and to buy Jamie's textbooks for her college classes.

I can't tell you how satisfying it was to see the look of relief on Jamie's face; her books total hundreds of dollars and she was so worried! Then several hours later, we called Em to the kitchen for a family meeting and presented the little 10" laptop. It was just awesome.

I know that money isn't everything but dang does it buy some personal and parental satisfaction! I think yesterday's date will go down as one of Em's Big Days in the years to come. Yay!


  1. Now that is a awesome present ! Very cool :)

    Money ~ in my case do I spend it ( if something is on 'sale' ) or do I save the $ .

    A local store near me has a DVD player /TV all in one, on sale, for $99.00!! Ohhh the temptation,lol!
    You and your family have a great week :) *hugs*

  2. Well done Mum and Dad. You are right - this will go down as one of the SINGULAR most awesome day in her memory. You and Bill have just hit hero status.

  3. Hooray Kate!!!! Education is so important.

  4. Thank you Sunny!

    Maggie - it's been fun so far. I'm sure I'll regret it eventually, lol.

    Bobby - I'm so happy for Jamie, it's unreal. Watching her buy books and get to know her way around the college has been exciting. I know that she'll have a good start there.