Saturday, February 13, 2010

teenage angst and me

Saturday mornings aren't usually a quiet time around here and today is no exception. Getting a twelve year to clean her room and do her laundry while she tries to play Sims on her PS2 can be a little frustrating. If it weren't for the thirty or forty minutes between cycles I'd make her keep busy with something else. *sigh*

This particular age is frustrating to begin with because I find myself repeating what I've said over and over and I don't remember doing this before. To be honest, Jamie was (and still is) pretty lazy throughout her teenage years. She'd hear what I said but choose to ignore it. With Em, she'll do what I ask but make me crazy in the process.

I know that some parenting experts say leave them alone and let them face the concequences, but every parent knows that the consequence takes more of your energy than just making them do what they're supposed to in the first place. In my case, this means going over (again & again) why lights need to be separated from darks, why sheets need to be washed regularly, and why using two different towels every day means you'll be doing an extra load of laundry when it comes time to do your chores on Saturday.

Thankfully, Em has a hair appointment this afternoon and that will be fun for her and save the day for all of us, because she'll look and feel great after a colour and cut.

Isn't it amazing what a beauty day can do?


  1. My oldest son just turned 13 this week. His teenage angst seems to follow me all over the house :) Too bad I can't give him a beauty day!

  2. I'm not sure what I'd do for a boy - laser tag?!