Thursday, February 18, 2010

reading week

For the last several months we've been trying to catch up that one mortgage payment that fell behind over the summer and it's been so frustrating! As soon as it looks like we'll be able to do it, we'll get a utility bill that needs to be paid immediately - like the gas bill we got on Monday, for $335. Of course, that's for December & January. The current one is a little lower, thank goodness.

Moving on.

This week is Reading Week at the college which means no classes. Although I have homework on 1.7 (negative exponents) I've been working every day and haven't finished it. You know, I used to think that someone in college could work three evenings a week, back when I was hiring and scheduling college students! Now I realize that for every class you take you get at least an hour of homework, and I wonder how many employees I stressed out? Hopefully not many.

I just can't wait until I qualify for some kind of living allowance. Eight to twenty hours of work isn't enough, but anything over that interferes with my marks. Next semester should be a lot better!


  1. hi Kate:)

    long time,no see:) glad to see/know that you're sticking to your guns in regard to college. i'm too old and there's too much slippage taking place. then again, i'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer either. hang in there, kiddo!

  2. I do hope things start looking up soon Kate. HOpe that you have a little time this weekend to relax and de-stress a little.