Thursday, February 11, 2010

it's baaaaack

I've mentioned before that I've had a few paranormal things going on this house. For Bill and I, it was someone/something fooling around with the water temperature in the shower. For Jamie, it was two different entities; one that seemed female and lonely, and would curl up against her shoulder at night, and the other seemed male and pre-adolescent. That one used to push her when she made her way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. For Lola, it meant she couldn't go into the kitchen, or if she was feeling particularly brave (to get at Tokyo's food dish) she had to back out. Quickly.

Eventually we grew tired of dealing with everything and Bill said prayers, upstairs and down. If we "felt" anything, we'd reiterate that they had to move on. A website I joined said that poltergeists were often formed/caused/brought on by female teenaged angst, and Em is twelve so I thought perhaps it was that, let it go and didn't think of it for months.

Then last week, someone/something threw water in my face as I was coming out of the bathroom. Not a lot, just a few drops that splashed against my cheek and across my forearm. I thought Em or Jamie or Bill was messing with me, but the kids weren't around and Bill was making the bed. When I asked him he replied, "were the droplets really cold, as though they came out of the fridge?"


"It's happened to me, twice. Let's not talk about it. I don't want to invite this thing at all or seem open-minded one bit."

Still, it makes me wonder if I bring this on by thinking so much about Dale. Tomorrow is his birthday, or what would have been his 42nd birthday, so he's been on my mind.

Any thoughts?


  1. how strange, exciting, and a bit scary!

  2. It is! We're not sure why it's back but it makes things interesting.

  3. Wow, definitely interesting. I'm glad you have Bill there with you. Those types of things are REALLY scary when you're alone in a house.

  4. I am a huge believer in stuff like this! Weird as I am in science and usually "scientists" don't believe in the paranormal. At my parents house (when I lived there) someone would knock on my door at night if I was up past 1am. I tried "catching" my parents one night but as I opened the door - too quickly for anyone to hide - there was no one there. Freaked me out. I was a teen back then also - I started having my bedtime at about 11pm cuz I was scared. Maybe it is Em's energy? I wouldn't freak out too much though, those things eventually stop.

  5. Hi Bethany! Thank goodness I haven't been alone when anything happened.

    Senorita - yikes! The knocking would freak me out!