Sunday, February 7, 2010

my history of fashion

I believe that my mother ingrained my love for clothing and fashion. I remember being a little girl and sitting at her dressing table in her bedroom when I was maybe four, or five. She had little pots of eyeshadow in blue and green and really cool lipsticks. When I finished snooping around there I'd go into her closet where she had little gold and silver go-go dresses, black patent and white leather sandals. I remember asking once, why are the white ones at the very back? That was the first time I'd ever heard that white was reserved for Spring and Summer.

When I was six I had a little traveling suit that I wore when I visted our Grandmother in Vancouver. It was a peach coloured shift dress that had a peach argyle jacket and matching hat. I had white tights and mary-janes that completed the outfit and I loved it even more than the little green vinyl shift dress that I'd worn for Christmas in 1970, when I was five.

Years later, after Mom & Dad broke up and we were living in Alberta. I bought my first pair of high heeled shoes when I was fourteen. They were knock offs of the famous Candies Disco Slide. I bought them in brown and wore them with a brown pencil skirt and a brown and tan plaid boyfriend blazer, and felt completely gown up and stylish!

If I could have worn those every day I would have. Instead, due to the harsh Alberta winters, I had to wear these:

I hated those boots, but would not be allowed on the bus without "proper footwear", so I would wear my high top converse sneakers (in purple!) and carry these over my shoulder.

After graduating from high school I worked at the local hotel in the restaurant, and wore my high waisted jeans with a variety of blouses. Most were very form ftting with asymetrical button closures and mutton sleeves, but my favourite was made from green plaid and had at least twenty buttons.

New Years Eve was huge for me when I was in my early twenties, and my favourite outfit of all time was a dress that I designed and my mother sewed. It was made from black taffeta and consisted of a high waisted pencil skirt with shoulder straps and a long sleeved tuxedo-styled bolero jacket. I finished it off with knee high black leather boots and gloves, a red satin purse, and a red satin bow tie.

Over the years I've had other favourite outfits, but most of them consist of pencil skirts and high heeled slingbacks.I'm a sucker for a well made jacket or interesting bag and LOVE a sexy boot, but I need to work on my casual wardrobe for school. This is the first time in more than a few years where I've needed to work on jeans, blouses and casual jackets, and it's been kind of fun so far. Who knew that I would fall in love with interesting scarves?!


  1. What's not to love aout pencil skirts, well made jackets and scarves?
    Love your post!

  2. Oh, how I loved my Candies! This was a delightful post.

  3. Scarves can really dress up an outfit. :)

  4. I think the biggest part of being fashionable is stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things! I'm also loving the scarf trend these days.

  5. Candies!!! I had a pair of those and wore them with my Bongo jeans. Wow. What a fun post Kate!

  6. I would buy more Candies if I saw them around more. They were so easy to walk in!

    Mrs. Salti - cheap & easy way to add colour!

    Hey Wildstorm - you should post pics!

  7. 美麗的事物是永恆的快樂,它的可愛日有增加,不會消逝而去..............................