Sunday, July 5, 2009

old friends

Bill and I have been taking the opportunity to see a few movies, now that they're showing up in the cheap theatre. Tickets are between $2.50 and $4.00, compared to $11.00! I suppose I shouldn't be shocked at the jump in prices, but like all people in my age bracket, it freaks me out. We saw Monsters vs. Aliens (we like kid's movies) and Night at the Museum. Not bad, and glad we didn't pay full price.

On Friday I took the girls to run some errands. We'd decided that we'd recycle the pop bottles and milk jugs and go for lunch, so with the $17.00 we got, we went to McDonald's for some burgers.

A few minutes after sitting down, one of Dale's black belts came in! It was someone I hadn't seen since the funeral almost seven years ago. He sat down and spoke to us for almost half an hour and I gave him all the latest karate gossip and invited hm to come with me the next time his and Dale's sensei comes back to Alberta.

I hope he comes.

Afterward, driving to the mall and going from store to store, I couldn't help but think of all the growth my city has seen since Dale died in 2002. Sometimes I picture him coming back and being amazed at everything - there have been two renos to the shopping centre I worked at, and the store that I managed at the time of his death doesn't even exist anymore. There have been more than five thousand homes built since his death, and I even got to buy one. I think that he'd be amazed to see the wrinkles I have at the corners of my eyes, and the way my face has changed.

Anyway, these thoughts come and go and in the end, I always picture myself being straight up with him. It plays out like a movie but with a happy ending.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday.


  1. The relentless march of 'progress' eh?

  2. Tick tock tick tock.
    There is actually a web site that converts the prices today to prices in the past and compares it to the wages at the time. When we compared what we paid for beer as 19 year olds to what our the guys pay now it was almost exactly the same in comparison. It just seems like more now.
    That being said the changes are definitely not just about the money are they.

  3. Lori is's not just about the price of things. It also involves Mr. Wrinkle, and Mr. Gravity. It's the "Sag" phase of one's life.

  4. You know, I often think the same Mike would have loved the new Wegmans gourmet grocery built near us (when the closest one used to be an hour away); meeting friends that I hadn't seen since his death and being comforted we still connect; and yeah, that extra 10# I have now...For me, still the toughest time, 2 years later, is coming home from an evening out with friends, alone without him to talk to, or to drive me home so I could drink and for the lovemaking afterwards...

    Life does grow and change whether we want it to or not and it's best if we can roll with it and change, too...

  5. I agree with everyone else. I am learning just how many things that I can do. Surprise! I do pretty good for an old lady.

  6. We don't have a cheapo theater anymore. Every once and a while some kid gives me a senior discount because of my gray hair and I don't correct them. :)

  7. I enjoy these things too. You have done a lot of growing since I first began reading you Kate.

    I have grown very fond of you over the years and admire you very much for your strength even if you cannot see it at times.


  8. Time Kate, changes everything. I like the fact we can reflect and grow. Like Bobby I have seen much of this in you in even the small time I have known you. I am delighted to hear some happiness in you. Maggs

  9. Kate I always look at the changes here and think of Graham and how he would be AMAZED. Yes time marches on and we still remember -- I think that is a special gift to those of us that loved and lost.

    LOL last September I needed to get something from our Central Stores (at work) and I was told it was shut down for filming Night at the Museam --- I couldn't believe they picked the first week of the term to shut down the most Central part of our whole campus - I guess money really does talk.

  10. I took my kids to see Monsters vs Aliens and probably laughed harder than anybody else in the theater! There were so many things that were just completely over their heads. We like the cheap flicks too... just can't stand the seats at the dollar theaters=(