Monday, July 20, 2009

love Monday

photographer unknown

Thank goodness that Bill went back to work today!

Since last Monday, he's been off work with a bad back and today he started at his new company. I love that man more than any man I've ever known, but I still wanted to kill him by the time I woke up on Sunday.

In the past week, I have not driven anywhere, because he likes to drive. And he likes to take the most circuitous routes available. A three kilometer trip will eventually add up to about eight, and not only will you hit both the north and east sides of the city, but you'll end up downtown at least twice.

He throws his cigar butts on the ground. He forgets to lock the truck when he comes home. He makes plans to vacuum the bedroom but gets distracted by something else and I trip over the Hoover and the handheld.

The other night he ruined my $40 Party Lite three wick candle by setting another small jar on top of it. While it was still burning.

"Why would you do that?" I asked.

"Well, the little one was almost burned out so I thought that it would burn the table if I didn't set it on something."

"You need to go back to work before I strangle you. And don't even think about retiring."

The rest of the last week was actually pretty nice. I do love spending a lot of time with him, but that "too much of a good thing" is absolutely true.


  1. That's great he's feeling better.

  2. Snicker. Gotta love 'em can't kill 'em. Well you can but then you end up with a different roommate and you can bet that their habits would really drive you nuts.

  3. You had me laughing from the first line! My husband was out of work for 2 years, and I wondered if our marriage or my sanity would survive another day of so much togetherness. Like you, I love my hubby, but we do need our space:)

  4. Its sort of like mothering if we didn't love them so much we would definitely do damage.
    Keep loving him hard!!!

  5. LOL! That is so funny! My mom says the same thing about my dad :D

  6. Whenever I wonder at my other halves thinking capacity, I remember how dull life was before I met him. Better a destroyed candle, than no reason to light it in the first place.

  7. OK...Stupid-acquaintance-advice Rule #17 = Absence makes the heart grow fonder...and gives one some damned room to breath...most of the time.

  8. You and Bill are adorable! Wish we were neighbors... You had me mesmerized from the first line, and laughing out loud throughout. Blessing to you and your family. You should write a book!

  9. HAHA! That is funny! My DH is my very best friend.....but I am glad we are no longer glued at the hip ;)

    Love that picture by the way!!

  10. Thanks everyone! This week is a lot more fun because I can look forward to him coming home :)