Saturday, July 18, 2009

vacation plans go awry

Kate, Bill & Emily; Vancouver 2007

This is the first year in several years that we haven't been able to plan a family vacation, and it's depressing me a little. In 2007 we went to Vancouver BC, last year we went to Victoria BC and to be honest, I'd be happy with a weekend trip to Kelowna! (Kelowna is peach country, and only a five hour trip from where we live)

You never know - it could happen, even in light of our work situations.

Bill left his oilfield job on Monday, even though he meant to work his proper notice, because his back went out. Unfortunately when we went to our medical clinic the wait was almost three hours long, (he was in a lot of pain) so he didn't get the medical note into his office until Tuesday, and his payday was yesterday.

They wouldn't give him his paycheque.

Apparently it's legal - they have ten days from his last payday to get his last cheque ready and they're going to use every minute of it, even knowing that Bill has a family to feed. *sigh*

I hate it when things get ugly.

On the other hand, I'm kind of looking forward to things after this rough patch is over. We haven't booked any gutter cleaning jobs yet but we do expect to make up what he lost in pay through this venture.

Also, Bill is planning on going ahead with the lawsuit against his former company, citing Constructive Dismissal. In laymen's terms, they made his job so difficult that they forced him to find a new, lower paying position.

It was just terrible - if you knew Bill personally, you'd know how crazy the whole situation was. They accused him of so many things, and he is just this hardworking guy that is friendly to everyone. He never complained when he had to work on my birthday, on Valentine's Day, and on Mother's Day, he didn't insist on overtime pay when they wouldn't give him time off in lieu. He even went above and beyond his own job duties and no one ever said "thanks" or "good job". It was so disappointing.

With any kind of luck, we'll win the suit and be able to catch a breath.


  1. You guys do deserve a break. Terrible how they treated Bill. They had a real gem of a worker, and they blew it. Enjoy your weekend Kate.

  2. The Vancouver photo looks like you were on the Capilano Suspension Bridge?
    Some times life is just so hard as you already know.
    We do seem to get through it though. I am sure there were times in the past when you didn't know if you would but you did.
    You both sound like hard workers and I wish you the best of luck in your business ventures.

  3. They sounded like awful employers so best of luck sticking it to them in employment court. The gutter cleaning venture sounds like a great idea.

  4. I’m afraid big businesses don’t stay big if they err on the side of generosity to their employees – they stay profitable by sticking to the exact letter of the rules, and would no doubt have their shareholders complaining otherwise. Good luck with the constructive dismissal case though.

  5. That is heartbreaking.I cant believe they treated him so badly:( You wouldnt believe all the lousy workers I see out there,everywhere and I am in total shock how they can keep their jobs.Really good, hardworking people always get the short end of the stick.Its so unfair.*hugs*

  6. If I had a marketable skill I would be doing something else, even though we are not treated badly. They just threaten a lot. Good luck with the new venture, and even better luck with the lawsuit :-)

  7. I hate it when businesses act like businesses whne they are dealing with people's lives. Hope things turn around.

  8. Everyone talks about Staycations this year...try and enjoy that lovely deck of yours and have a bucket of Margaritas or something nice :-)

    And I'm sending positive thoughts for healing back, wallet and mental fatigue...

  9. Well Kate - I am guessing even Kelowna is off your list right now -- its horrible there -- so frikken sad. Made sure all our family is safe and hoping everyone else remains the same.
    Sorry about Bill's job and how they are treating him. My late husband was treated horribly by his (was our) company -- long story short after he passed away I was so tempted to send his memorial notice to the management and other people involved with making decisions that may have cost him his life. The humans we have to share this planet with.
    Hope you find something fun to do this summer - love Staycations - you know that was coined on Corner Gas.

  10. gorgeous pic of the three of you=)

  11. Sorry about no vacation this year :( I know how it feels, we haven't been able to take a "real" one since we have been together! (Almost 7 years now) That really sucks how they treated Bill, good luck with the suit!

  12. I hope things pick up for all of you and that you have your well-deserved family holiday.

    Great family shot.
    Best wishes.