Thursday, July 16, 2009

the long days of July

I believe that this has been been the longest I've ever gone without blogging since I started in 2003. Wow! I missed everyone!

At any rate, we've been busy with summer projects. Bill accepted a job with a major soft drink company, Emily's currently at her first summer camp, Jamie's still looking for a full time job and I am still looking for a second part-time job or a good full time job. In the mean time, we started a buy & sell group on Facebook for all the clothes we've collected over the years and today we're starting up another gutter clean company to supplement our income.

I'm going to drink my coffee and catch up. Happy Thursday!


  1. Cool picture at the top of the post! Congrats to Bill. Good luck to you and Jamie on the job search. Hope Emily is enjoying summer camp. Great ideas for supplementing your income. I have to think of something to make some extra cash too. Why does it seem impossible to find a legit work at home job these days? Enjoy your day, Kate!

  2. Glad to see you're back in blogland and that life is rolling!

  3. You know if I could go back in time I would follow the advice of my nephew's wife.
    She said rather then constantly telling your children how smart they are (something they have no control over) she said it is better to emphasize what hard workers they are.
    I see in your family you do better than that by showing what hard workers you all are.
    Best of luck.

  4. Well Kate I was just about going to send out the Blog Search and Rescue. So cool about Bill's job - here's hoping we hear some great news soon for you and Jamie.
    Excellent about the Facebook group - I must check it out.

  5. Ok, so all's well, you are back. But I already knew that cuz you were over at my place earlier...just wanted to formalized it :)

  6. Everything seems to be worked out or working out, Kate. I hope you find something for yourself soon. Have a great weekend!

  7. Happy Thursday! I am jealous that you are so busy :) I am recovering from surgery and can't wait to get out the door and back to work!!!!! Enjoy your summer and good luck finding that second job :)