Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here's a grainy pic of Emily, myself and Bill at Christmas this past year, which was held at Cathy's farm out near Rimbey. Christmas was kind of the start of integrating Bill's family into our lives.

Not that we were avoiding them or anything...okay, maybe a little.

With Bill just coming out of two years of isolation when we met (he'd had a helluva time getting custody of Em and trying to find a job that would work around having a six year old. Daycares don't usually accept kids at 4:30 am, which is what time Bill had to leave when he was welding) he decided to lay low.

Lay low from his sister Cathy, who'd witnessed his struggle while she went through her own, working in Alberta while her kids stayed in Newfoundland. When she settled down here, it took another year before we got a call from their mum, Margie, to get together because Cathy's son was in the hospital with appendicitus.

It didn't take long before Bill's mum & dad came out, and as of last week, his cousins out of Labrador. To be honest, the whole family is awesome. I've enjoyed meeting and talking with all of them, and just love the whole culture, from the food to their interesting dialects.

I'm off to work for awhile. Happy Sunday!


  1. I have heard that Newfies are pretty interesting in terms of fun....

  2. Maggie - it's been a good time to meet everyone. We're more established now!

    Bobby - they're wonderful people. Friendly, helpful and welcoming too, but then Bill is that way too. I can see why he turned out the way he is :)

  3. wanted to say hi and decided to start blogging again,missed you

  4. That's wonderful. I love how the Newfie's sound (if that's wht your say).
    I'm so glad you and Bill found one another.It really was...mean to be:)

    Hugs from Dee~