Sunday, January 30, 2011

letters to Dale

Dear Dale,

It's been awhile since I've felt like writing you, but so many things cross my mind while I'm working and driving around town; sometimes I make believe that you'll be visiting soon and I can catch you up.

Tomorrow is my birthday, I'll be forty-six years old. Hard to believe that I was thirty-seven when you died! To be honest, I feel like I'm still thirty-seven, so I guess that's good. Remember how we used to celebrate together? I'm not sure if I ever said that some years, I kind of resented you for letting me pick my own birthday to ignore (weren't we always broke on mine anyway?) I sometimes hoped you'd say "Let's celebrate on January 31st this year" but of course, this never happened. It might have, had you not faced those issues with alcohol, but that's a point I try not to dwell on.

I saw Shane last week - I almost didn't recognise him!I never thought he'd ever shave off that mustache, but he did. He doesn't look like the Marlborough Man anymore; to be honest he's starting to look a little old. I didn't speak to him - I didn't like him when you were alive and not much has changed.

Kerry Wagstaff left me a facebook message a few weeks ago, asking about all those Led Zeppelin CD's I offered him after you died. I almost fell over...seriously? You've been dead for more than eight years and he just remembered?! Did he think I still had them? He's a nice guy, but has not changed much since our high school days.

Al's dog Wiley died a few months back, but I remember thinking that you would know that, knowing how much you loved him (and all border collies in general) Yanno, Lucy is nine years old now and she is STILL spazzy for a border collie...but Mum & Jim love her and take care of her.

The city has grown to almost 100,000 people and you would hardly recognize it anymore. They closed down two nursing homes (the one by Bower Mall and the one in Lower Fairview) and built a monstrous new facility by the old duplex. Who knew we even had the space, but they're building in all kinds of forgotten places.

Jamie moved out six months ago to attend college (!!!) and I think that she has finally come to a place where she's accepted that you were sick and it wasn't really about her, but more about you. She hasn't seen her own dad since she was 17, and she has accepted Bill and I as her only parents. You'd be so proud of her!

Speaking of kids, Jamie is here today and brought her new Wii for us to try so I should go join them.




  1. I like 23 days it will be the 4th anniversary of Mike's death and maybe I will write a letter to him. I never got around to writiing a year end post for 2010, keep hoping I will have more free time to but always gets put on a 'back burner'. I am glad you wrote out your thoughts and shared them with us. That's what friends do, talk to each other, if only via blogging...

  2. That was a very touching letter.

    Happy Birthday Kate.

  3. I'm sure he appreciated the letter. You will always love him.

    I am deeply touched by this Kate...


  4. Thank you Teri, I often think to myself "Dale would be shocked to see what has changed!"

    Dani - thanks for stopping by. I'm sending you good thoughts and prayers as well. *hugs*

    Bobby - I dunno if he knows when I'm writing/thinking about him, he might. I often think that by now, he's off listening to R&B from some of his favourite musicians :)

  5. happy belated birthday, kate. this is a touching piece handled with a lot of care.