Sunday, January 2, 2011

under the weather

painting by Doron Putka

I felt something coming on yesterday and it seems to be on the verge of a full fledged bug of some kind; sore throat, fever, bit of a cough. Nothing major yet, I hope the rest of the night takes care of it. I have one more day off before we return to work, and I want to enjoy it!

I've been sitting in the office while Bill works out in the cold warehouse, sorting oxygen cylinders for tomorrows pick up. I've got hot tea with local honey and a little box of chocolates left over from Christmas, and I'm as happy as can be. In a few moments, I'll be taking some hot chocolate out.

Did you all do anything for NYE? Bill and I stayed in, visited with his sister Cathy, then later watched a Modern Family marathon on TV and were passed out by 12:08. I was fine with that, lol.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year, Kate! Hope you are feeling much better. My husband and I watched Silverado, sipped on some champaign and snoozed by 11:30 for NYE.

  2. Kate feel better soon. I was asleep before you even considering the time difference -- we are such party animals-- NOT!! Back to work tomorrow with a snow storm heading to the coast.

  3. I passed out by 11, and was ok with it, lol. NYE is over-rated! Feel better.

  4. We partied until the wee hours of the morning New Years Eve/day...

    Happy New Year my dear friend.


  5. Hope you feel better soon or that it's just a scare! I just got over a cold and still cough at night :(

    Happy New Years!

  6. Thanks everyone! Just a little cough leftover...