Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the more things change

...the more they stay the same.

Since Em is getting ready for Band Camp (she leaves tomorrow and comes back on Friday) I bought her some clothes last night. Very reminicent of what I used to wear, inspired by Flashdance! The ripped/cut sweatshirts, the skinny jeans, tops hanging off one shoulder.

I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying "I used to wear this stuff..." every time. I remember rolling my eyes at my mother and I won't have her doing that to me.

At least to my face, lol.


  1. Our shops are full of 70's style tie dyes and hippy skirts. Heavens shades of when I was 17. 16 year old asked me why I didn't keep all of mine AND the cork platforms for her. LOL I suggested she ask Grandma.

  2. So very cool. I loved the cut sweatshirts that hang off the shoulder.

  3. Here in Germany the fashions are also 70's, even some 60's. I still have my old sewing patterns and have been thinking of sewing some of my own stuff (if I only had the TIME!).

  4. I laughed at my daughter when she wore bell bottoms. We have pictures of her in them and NOW she gets it.

    Style is cyclical.


  5. Oh, I had a good chuckle at this entry...
    My Lily who is 14 now wears exactly the very clothing I used to wear at her age.Its so funny!
    She takes it well when I tell her too, lol-so far.

    Hugs to you pretty girl))))))

  6. Maggie - love those cork sandals!

    WS - me too!

    Dorrie - my mom used to make my tops and dresses too.

    Bobby - except they're called "flares" lol

    Dee - It's fascintaing watching the cycle :)

    Have a good weekend!