Monday, April 18, 2011

corporate peon

The featured photo is an oxygen regulator, since I am at work this morning.

I finally got over last Thursday, which was ruined by my boss. He was here to give my co-workers their evaluations and to humiliate me and put me in my place.

At least, it seemed that way.

At one point, he interrupted a drop in visit from our tire guy to tell me I did not have time to speak to him; then again thirty seconds later to "insist". Even when I tried to explain that I was trying to save us over $120/month in service fees, he still ordered me back to my computer in front of the guy. The tire guy had no idea what to say or do!

Ten minutes later, while I was trying to load my van, he came out to the warehouse and asked me to come back into the office with him so that we could "talk." Basically, he held me responsible for the fact that one of our new RRT's is not as "dominant" as I am and that if I do not back off, there could be "serious ramifications" for her. Then he reminded me that I am only "temporary."

Temporary for nine months now.

My temporary contract runs out on July 15th and he says he wants to be able to offer me a permanent position, but I think he's going to miss being able to threaten me, to keep me in line.

I really have no one in power to support me or help me in any way. If I go above his head, I'll be labeled a troublemaker. If I let him threaten me or abuse me I lose my self worth. I dunno what will happen next. Bill says he wishes we could both quit at the same time so that they know just how much we do, but we're just now getting back on our feet.

Tyranny really sucks.


  1. Hmmm,

    He sounds like an ass...

  2. Sorry to hear that you're having such a shit time :( Always sucks when you work with people like that. I had a boss like that too, couldn't wait to put you in your place - specifically me. Never understood why but you know what - karma got him in the end. It was all very messy but thankfully I was no longer working with him at the time!

    Good luck with him and I hope you find something better soon or at least he gets moved out of there.

  3. I went through a similar situation at my job... I was close to quitting and had even talked to a lawyer. Luckily the trouble maker retired and it's been better since, but I put in for early retirement (14 months!). The stress was costing me my health and the job was no longer fun. What a jerk your boss is! Someone should put HIM in place. Don't put up with it too long!

  4. His stupidity is just the sign of someone who truly is either a novice lifted up ( new to management and clueless) or just a plain jerk - or a mix of both. I hate that sort of behaviour. I am sorry you have been put in a position that you need to deal with it.