Saturday, March 26, 2011

the angel closes her eyes

my "Simpsonize Me" pic from a few years ago

If you happen to be a JSer, then you know that we lost one of our own this past week, likeisaid, or Betty. I was completely gobsmacked when I read that Betty had passed on in her sleep - it seems as though she'd just lost her beloved husband, Paul. My heart goes out to her two sisters, Sally & Paula. Some of my favourite posts were from these southern sisters! Old black & whites from the 60's and 70's (loved those little shift dresses!) blurry coloured pics from the 80's, posing with their men and their cars.

Paula and Sal - if you're reading this, I am so, so sorry.

As always, work is really busy and we spend our time trying to get more things done than we did the day before. I'm used to this kind of pace and it doesn't stress me out very much. I do get stressed by my boss, though.

He's calming down a little (dare I say, he's even getting a little beat down by the amount of work?) and he's lightening up a little. Yesterday when he called me about another conference call I was late to he actually laughed when I said "holy crap, another one?"

At home, the big project involves a visit from Bill's parents and his younger brother, Craig, In April. They'll be spending the odd night at our house here in the city and that means painting the downstairs, converting the downstairs living room to a studio apartment for Em, getting Jamie's room ready (she's moving back after the last semester ends and staying until July or August) buying a new bed for Em's old room and getting the carpets cleaned. So far, we have the new throw rugs, lol.

I'll be waking Bill from his nap in a few moments. What is everyone else doing?


  1. I am so sorry for your's always hard to lose someone..I don't know what everyone else is doing..but I know that I helped my youngest son celebrate his birthday today by watching his two kids so he could go paintballing with his wife and some buddies...and tomorrow the fun continues with the birthday of my second oldest grandson, he's turning out of town vistors yet..maybe this summer though! Take care :)

  2. Whoa. No, I didn't know Betty had passed. Thank you for the news. I can only hope to go in my sleep as well. She blogged well.

    I've spent the day napping or ironing or taking a long bath. Makes for a good Saturday, thanks for asking.


  3. We are all saddened by her death. It was a shock. She had suffered so much loss, I hope she is at peace now.

  4. Oh, man. I'm sad to hear that news. What I remember about Betty is that life was often such a battle for her, but she fought to stay upbeat in spite of it. Though I hate to hear about her passing, I'm happy she's at peace.

  5. Big loss to our Jayess Community...

  6. Oh, no...I hadn't known! I'm deeply saddened.
    My condolences to her family.xo

  7. that's sad. after the old journalspace folded, did she start a new one somewhere? may she rest in peace.

  8. I was also completely blown away when I saw the news about Betty's passing. She, Paula and Sally are such sweet people.. She's definitely going to be missed by many.

  9. I wrote a special entry in my JS-Revival blog with pictures of when I met Betty ... I'm still in shock...

  10. Thanks everybody.
    Dorrie, I saw that. How sweet!
    I miss her so much already.