Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love the Weekend

Tokyo, in happier days. We still miss her a lot

My job keeps me so exhausted each day that I barely have time to make supper and collapse on the couch. It's just not good for blogging!

Here's my week in bullet points.

- We have one client whose daughter wants her to use a POC (portable oxygen concentrator) purely as a status symbol, yet her mom is most comfortable using the cylinders. We're not sure how to handle it because our boss has said he wants us to keep this contract no matter what, but they've been high maintenance since day 1.

It wouldn't be an issue if we didn't have clients who are aged with health problems. Some people need the POCs due to weakness in their wrists (it can be difficult opening the valves on the cylinders) or problems with their vision. We can't always provide them due to the ones that want them for convenience. Of course, those are the ones that threaten to vendor switch and they get priority. Frustrating.

- I spent several hours doing safety reports for my boss on Wednesday, who then bitched me out for getting a late start on my deliveries. *sigh*

- Lola got a haircut last week, but it may have been a bit premature. With the cold weather, we've been having to put a hoodie on her before she goes outside to do her business.

- I bought two winter coats on Wednesday; purple wool with an empire waist and black wool with zipper/toggles. Each one was $30 and I love a good sale!

- Jamie's loan is coming in soon so she won't be a broke college student for a few weeks.

- Em is participating in Science Olympics today and we expect her to kick butt against the two other schools competing.

- I have to do some cleaning before my SIL arrives. Mostly the floors, it's a good thing we have laminate.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I've been too busy also, and not updating much (not the usual blogging whore I once was *sigh*). I now have a week vacation to regenerate my batteries! yay!

  2. I hear yeah girlfriend.I swear the older we get and the kid's? the busier we become.Course, my oldest has moved out and I only have Lil left at home.However,I'm running just the same and hate making dinner by the 4th night.

    PS.My oldest Tia is pregnant.Saw a baby bump on her the other night:)How time flys...
    Hugs to you))))