Sunday, November 28, 2010

time for another camera

For the last several months I've been in denial about my digital camera. It cost me almost four hundred dollars six years ago, and because of that I have always placed such major value on it.

When the shutter started sticking, it didn't matter; I just pried it apart with my fingertip. Last fall when we had to remove the program that uploads the photos, I remember thinking that I could find the driver online.

Last week when we got the new kitten, Rogue, I tried taking a few photos but to no avail. Not only does the button stick, but the computer won't recognize the device to upload the photos.

I believe it's time to get something new. I still can't afford to get the type of camera I'd like, but a pocket digital will satisfy my need to post pics on blogspot and facebook.

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. That's the thing about technology moving so fast. What cost you that much six years ago is probably under a hundred bucks now. I remember spending $800 on a stereo when I was in university (I don't know what I was thinking) and now those sets are like $50.

  2. well, a few years ago...i bought a coolpix 8700 and it cost me almost a grand. now fast forward to modern technology and a much better camera with technology that eliminates the shaky blurred photos and the same camera costs about $350 and is half the size. sony(i think) makes a beautiful little digital that sells for just over a hundred.

  3. Point and shoots are still a viable option. The photos are good, they shoot video, and they're inexpensive.

  4. Ditto what Doug said. I've been shopping around for a new camera too and won't spend the big bucks for the one I want. There's a seller in NY who sells on ebay where I bought my Nikon and prices were excellent. The research and shopping takes time. Retail is so expensive.

  5. Hi Kate ! My Digi is a Kodak Easy Share Z1285 and only cost under $150. It takes vids ( really good ones!) and also is great for me being a non-professional !

  6. Can't wait to see new pics coming from the frozen area of Canada you call home!!!!

  7. A good time to pop in and say hi.

    This Sony is a nice shirt-pocket camera:

    Here is a very good Canon, too:

    The Kodaks like Sunny's do quite well, too. If you want something bigger, let me know. I enjoy this sort of research. BTW---the site I linked to is where I buy my equipment. I trust them.


  8. I definitely feel ya on this one -- it's hard to spend that kind of money on something & then have to replace it in a few years! A word of advice though -- don't buy the Sanyo S120 -- it takes less than great pictures! :(

  9. Hi Kate. I have a Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS and love it. I carry it in my pocket everywhere I go and I almost forget it's there, it's so small and light. Hope you can share some of your beautiful landscape with us soon.



  10. Hey! Nice to see everyone. I really like Powershots, I've had two. Jamie had a kodak she liked.
    Thank you for the links, I'm off to peruse right now!!