Friday, September 23, 2011


Hens & Chicks, planted in the front yard

Years ago, while Bill was fighting Tina for custody of Emily, he experienced another loss. His ex-wife Susan was struggling with Tina's erratic behaviour. Susan had married Bill a few years earlier, when Bill's plans included a career with the RCMP, and together they'd had a daughter named Betheny. The death of Susan's father, her mother's quick rebound within weeks of his death, and Bill's resignation from the force broke apart the marriage.

Three years later Bill found himself in a custody battle for Em, and Tina began calling Susan. Most of the calls involved accusations against Bill and made the other family very, very uncomfortable.

"She won't leave us alone," Susan explained. "My fiance is in the RCMP and he's a good man. He wants to raise Betheny as his own. She doesn't have to grow up around that, Bill."

When Betheny was four, Bill signed away his parental rights.

Just a few weeks ago, they made contact. Susan has agreed to bring Betheny, 17, to a coffee house to see Bill.

Thirteen years! Bill is so happy and excited to see how she's grown up. We knew this day would come...and we hope things go well when he meets her this month.


  1. Hopefully they can patch things up. I would be kinda sore no matter the circumstances if you signed me off....

  2. Bill knows it was the right thing to do. This meeting is possible only now that Tina has passed away and poses no threat to Bethany, and Bill feels that Betheny had the best possible upbringing. She's been able to go back and forth to Newfoundland safely, something Emily couldn't do until now (due to Tina's mental state)
    I think that things will go well! Now I'm off to see your blog Bobby. *hugs*

  3. Best of luck with that. It will be emotional for both I imagine. Maggs.