Sunday, September 4, 2011

house leeks

I really enjoy growing Hens & Chicks. There's something about the way they send out these little babies, easily removed and replanted somewhere else, that makes them so much fun. Three of the ones I removed last year sent up blooms.

Others, like the ones shown here, just cluster a littler tighter. I think I have twenty or so right now and it'll be interesting to see how they fair over the winter. We drop down to -35°C and it always surprises me to see what comes back and what doesn't.


  1. Mine didn't fair this well although they did survive this aweful heat we had all summer. Even in the shade it was too hot. I think they will come back this fall and winter. Have a fabulous day!

  2. I like them too. It always amazes me how expensive they are at the garden centres but they multiply so easily. How is that right?

  3. I like them too. Haven't had any for years. Sweet!