Sunday, August 28, 2011

long time, no see

flowers by the front porch

The flowers in the pic are Malva, which I started from seed in May. To be honest, I had no idea how tall they'd be! I have tried keeping up with heights, widths, sun exposure needs and watering needs, but there is a LOT to remember!

These sprung from three or four seedlings that were about an inch tall when I planted them June 25th. Currently they stand about 27" or 28" and are covered with thousands of little pinkish blooms that draw bees by the dozens. Thankfuly no problems with the bees, lol.


  1. I like this malva. I tried it once, but it did not survive my winter.

    I know what you mean about keeping up with heights/sun, etc. It helps if you keep it on your blog and then go back and look the next year when you forget. :)

    I also have a binder that I keep all the tags in. Without that I would never remember anything!

  2. Thanks for the tips Zoey! I just started a binder a few weeks ago. I hope next year turns out better...