Tuesday, August 2, 2011

burning bridges

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Generally, I don't like to do it, and it always blows me away when a company like Vitalaire does it. It's been two weeks since I lost my job, and while I'm okay for the most part, it's taken it's toll on my confidence.

You see, the Regional Director had spent over thirty minutes going over the "upcoming meeting" with me, which was to include the CPAP specialist, Bill and the respiratory therapist and mostly deal with safety and how I was to spend the last three months of my contract so that they could re-organize the Red Deer office.

The same day, the Regional told the others that there would NOT be a meeting. When Bill called him about it, he was told to stay away. The following Monday, the respiratory therapist was told to stay away, presumably to keep me from talking to her. I spent the day alone.

On Tuesday Morning, I was trying to get some points together for the meeting and also trying to finish up some paperwork when TWO managers showed up from Edmonton. At this time, I STILL thought the whole branch could meet to discuss some of the problems - but they brought chairs into my office, left the others out front, and shut the doors behind them.

All they really had to do was let my current contract expire, but I think they had to make an example of me. Anyway, what a shitty way to handle things.

Today I have an interview with the competition, and I hope that I get it. Even if I don't get a company car, I'd be okay with that. I just hope that their hourly wage is close to what I was making before! Bill and I want to buy a decent car this year.

Wish me luck! I really need it.


  1. Senorita AndalucianaAugust 2, 2011 at 12:10 PM

    Wow I can't believe some people can be so vindictive! Well good luck at your interview! They would be lucky to have your experience :)

  2. good luck on the new job and I so hope they run it better then your old company!!

  3. What in the hell happened to create such a scene?
    I sure hope you get the job.


  4. I made a complaint against the area manager, so I guess they felt they needed to break me down completely!
    Both Bill and I were gobsmacked, because we both worked the most and had great compliments on our service.