Monday, May 30, 2011

thanks for nothing

The call from the SPCA Peace Officer didn't go well.

"Let me guess," she began. "Your family has let a cat problem get out of control and now you want us to come out, clean up after you, foot the bill and look the other way on charges -"

"I made the call because my parents have lost the ability to take control. And yes, I'm looking for help. I don't know who else to call and we need help."

"Who's paying the vet?"

"That's why we called. If I had the resources; if they had the resources, I wouldn't be talking to you."

"This is going to take several officers, several vans, a couple vets...thousands of dollars! There's only one of me - I'd have to bring in people from Edmonton and Calgary. I think you're going to have to take care of it yourself. Honestly, the most humane way to go about it is to get the help of a marksman."

In my mind, I'm thinking to myself Seriously?! Seriously??!!

So in the next week, my husband Bill and I, and my nephew and his friend will be making trips to the farm each night to systematically triage, treat, OR euthanize over 110 feral cats suffering from various illnesses. We're creating a new pet cemetery and Bill will be on hand to say several prayers after the burial.

It's agonizing to even think of it. I know that perhaps I was naive thinking that there'd be help, but I didn't really expect what we got when we called - nothing. No help, but threat of criminal charges if we don't comply. I think I know why it took us so long to act! In any event, our concerns lie with my parents and those animals.

Wish us luck.


  1. I had a similar exchange with an employee of my county's local permit office...I asked her a very simple question: "What is the fee for obtaining a permit for a 20x20 deck addition to my home?" She went on for five minutes about how I should have done my homework before I came to the office, blah blah I finally asked her "So when you took this job, did you have to take a class for your attitude or have you always been a hateful bitch?"

  2. lol BryM!

    Kate, have you thought about contacting the local press and asking them for help? Maybe some group would offer their help, either from a church, a youth group (of not too young youth), senior citizens who often like being to be useful. It's something to consider!

  3. Their resources are thin. I know this is simply awful. Herding cats is not easy...

    I wish I could help but I know it would be awfully upsetting to euthanize so many of them.

    My heart goes out to you.


  4. Oh not good.

    I hate the attitude of some people in authority. I wonder what their job is if it's not to help out in these situations.

    If even one or two are left unspayed or neutered there will be more and more. Such a shame..

  5. That sounds terrible! Wishing you luck.

  6. Oh God Kate, that just sounds awful. I can't even imagine but if I lived closer I would be there to help you. I'll be thinking of you guys.

  7. With each post, I think this sounds worse and worse. Yes, euthanizing 110 cats would be expensive. Even capturing and performing triage and brief exams would be, to have veterinarians and trained technicians come in. In this area, when a hoarding situation is found, often many rescue and welfare groups join forces to assist, very rarely is it Animal Control, as they just deal with the 'legal' side of it really. I do not know what if any groups are in your area but they would certainly help lessen the sad work you are having to do now. Google 'cat rescue organizations in alberta canada' and see if any of those groups have members that could help you. Here is the website from the Tufts Veterinary School that might have some ideas on how you could proceed: