Monday, May 23, 2011

no sharing!

Back in the old days, I had a desktop computer, a keyboard, a digital camera and a program to edit photos. I miss it a lot! Bill even gave me a new digital camera when the old one gave up the ghost, but of course both computers are in bad shape. Bill used my laptop so much (and downloaded P2P file sharing as well as games) that it crashed within months. I gave it to him.

I use an old system hooked up to the TV to play on FB or write posts, but I don't really like it. What I'm hoping for this week is a sizable dividend cheque from my local Co-op. You see, we have these grocery stores/gas stations/liquor stores/home building supply stores that are owned by members like me. Twenty years ago I purchased a membership for $1.00 and every year I receive dividend cheques that range in amount from $35 to $350.

Since I drive a company van and use a company fleet fuel card, I've been filling up to the tune of $150/week since last August. 5% of that is $255.00 plus anything I purchased in food or liquor...I'm hoping to get at least $350.00 tomorrow. If I do, I'll be getting a little netbook that can be for my own use only.

It must sound selfish, but in a family like mine, you need to have your own stuff. Seriously, as much as I love Bill, I do NOT want to share a comp with him. Shoot me.

Today is raining but I'd love to be able to pick up some bedding plants. I know, I know! It's a problem. I'm hoping to be able to take some pics this week and post them so you can all see my gardening efforts.

Happy Victoria Day!


  1. It's NOT selfish to "want your own stuff!" While everything here is share-able (computers, tools, cars, etc.), everyone likes to have certain things that are primarily theirs.

    Here's hoping that dividend check (I'm not Canadian, so it's "check" to me) is a fat one!

  2. Hope you can get a computer that will simply work for you!

  3. sometimes you need things for YOU! I hope you get the netbook!!

  4. My laptop crashed a little while back and I miss it so much. Thank God I had purchased a desktop for $50 at an estate sale. It's a godsend.

  5. I've shared desktops with 2 men so far and it bites. I bought a netbook a few months ago and I LOVE it. I can tell you what I got and where if you're interested. Good luck.

  6. I will have to say, i do treasure not sharing...