Wednesday, March 3, 2010

happy hump day

Just a few more weeks and it'll be spring in Alberta. Yay! I can't tell you how happy I'll be once the snow and ice are completely gone. Every morning I bundle up in my wool coat and hiking boots and I can't wait until I can wear my sneakers.

Update on Math 50: Holy crap math is hard! I seemed to do fine on the first module, but the second one (algebra) kicked my butt! I actually failed the unit exam (with something like 34%) and plan to retake it so I'm not overly worried. Okay - I did cry a little knowing that I could have been working and making money rather than failing tests, but I got over that soon enough. Eventually, the school will bring me a business degree and that's what is important.

I think that I've finally come to terms with giving up my truck. I know I said I was okay with it, but to be honest I really, really missed it for the first few months. Part of my issue went back to when I was a single mom in the early nineties. Oh, how I hated taking that bus! I would have walked for an extra fifteen minutes if it meant I didn't have to take a bus, and that attitude followed me into my thirties. In fact, I bet Dale would flip out if he knew I took one every day - back when he was alive I insisted on decent transportation. He had to drive the boogie van because I wouldn't be seen parking next to the other managers at the mall, lol.

Anyway, recently I started thinking about getting a motorbike or a scooter. Wouldn't it be fun in the summer? Also, I think that Bill would be really excited if he knew I'd go for a bike, and I'd be excited knowing that we'd save on insurance! Even before thinking about a bike, Bill and I were talking about getting a half-ton instead of a car, but I think we could afford both if we shopped around.

Off to read some blogs. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I've been car free for over two years now, but I rarely have a need for one.

    Unless there's a worry about reliability, a used pickup or even an old pickup is what I'd buy if I wanted a car as well.

    If I had a place to park one, I would love to have a scooter for the summer.

  2. i'm a truck person. far as i'm concerned, it's much safer. had a 1/2 pick up with wish posi-track. throw in some sand bags for the winter month's and your as good as a four wheel drive. how far is Alberta from Quebec? scooters can be fun and great on gas! but, it's as my cousin told me when i started riding motorcycles. he said, "You must remember that EVERY person in the world is out to kill you!" non-biker's could care less about you.

    algebra? that was TOUGH for me in college because i never had it in high school. don't know why they put some of these useless courses in the curriculum. it wasn't needed in my major. hang in there, Kate!

  3. Hell yes, get a bike. Not so much fun in winter even in the UK, never mind Canada, but even a big bike is more economical than a truck or even an ordinary car, as well as being a lot more fun.

    Of course, as has already been commented, you have to remember that most car users are dangerously sloppy in their driving habits with regard to bikes, as many years of biking showed me. You really do have to learn a whole different approach to road use, and indeed assume that ‘they’re all out to get you’.

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  5. Our city is notorious for bad drivers! Still, I'd be careful. Thanks!

  6. Good shot!!Great blog!!