Wednesday, October 21, 2009

big box nightmares

In the last six weeks, I've dropped over fifteen pounds and most of it is due to the incessent picking up after the sub-species of the off-price shopper. Not the courteous shoppers who put something back after having looked at it - I'm talking about the ones who throw things on the floor, abandon stuff all over the store, leave their carts at the front of a long line-up, or steal things by ripping into the packaging and leaving the debris strewn about the beauty department.

It's crazy.

The other day I was telling someone about my job at the jewelry counter/customer service department at an off-price retailer and she threw up her hands.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed, "I have often lost hope for humanity shopping in those places!"

"How so?" I asked.

"My best friend is one of those people who just throws things down, letting them hit the floor, or get caught up in another hanger. I'm so embarrassed to shop with her..."

I know I shouldn't be shocked, but seriously - some people are PIGS. They walk around dropping names ("my Kenneth Cole watch, my Guess bag....") but they treat the store and the associates like crap. Makes it hard to respect a young couple after seeing how they let their kids tear into toy packaging, or the mom who just dumps her unwanted bath towels into the candy display. The teenagers are a bunch of little thieves, and the Ladies Who Lunch are the absolute worst for dropping $150.00 + Italian Leather bags onto the floor. They'll step over them to get to the Ed Hardy scarves, which will be snapped up faster than you can spell i-m-p-r-e-s-s-e-d w-i-t-h m-e y-e-t? If you're not, we have some over-priced and pretty ugly Ed Hardy bracelets.

I guess I'm just a little jaded. As for the recession, looks like it doesn't exist when it comes to getting that sean john jacket...


  1. It's passed on from generation to generation. Parents teach their children this kind of behavior and it goes on forever.

  2. I am appalled! Shouldn't be, but really... Wildstorm said it best, gotta teach those kids! But what to do about the adults, that's the question.

  3. That's terrible. What's with kids today? They do seem to think that everyone is their servant.

  4. It breaks my heart to see this - I am just not wired that way and even pick up in stores that I am shopping in. Humans - what are we going to do???

  5. Wow, what a shame!! That is terrible :( Congrats on the 15 pounds though!! Let that be the light...

  6. Jeez, I thought only U.S. shoppers acted this way.

    Hey, 15 lbs, way to go! My wife has lost 7 in three weeks. She is elated. I am keeping my mouth shut.

  7. Public service at the library can be difficult as well. Of course at the library we offer FREE services which means we see the ENTIRE spectrum of humanity. Sometimes, that leads to HORRIFIC experiences.

  8. You are absolutely right, Kate. This "make a mess everywhere you go" topic isn't something I remember observing 20 years ago. It's becoming worse with time. I think there are two factors involved in that scenario. One. we have a lot of people moving in to our communities who were not formerly from America.

    Second? Too many Americans have failed to train their children to be socially aware. They allow children to scream and throw tantrums in the store isles. Failing to teach them to clean up after themselves those brats grow up and make messes everywhere.

    Time to start a "Manners Matter" revolution!!!

  9. Congrats on the weight loss; at least. :D

    {Sorry so many people just don't seem to have very good manners!}