Monday, October 19, 2009

back to school

Today Jamie and I are going down to the Aboriginal Employment Centre and then to the Career school to see if we're entitled to funding. Although I am happy to be working, I'm making about 55% of what I did when I was managing clothing stores. I really hope that I can be making $50K + by the end of next year!

As much as I have enjoyed retail (well, it's definitely a love/hate thing!) I think it's time to get into something that will take me to retirement and allow me to start saving $1,000/month for retirement.

What business are you in, and do you like it? I'm thinking of doing something in the Human Resources line of work, but need to start gathering information on what skills are required and how much they pay.


  1. Library work Kate, but I think you knew that. The pay is abysmal unless you at least have your Master and are a library manager or perhaps work for the schools. However, the benefits are decent.

    Very little calls for heels or dressing ultra-professionally and I do miss wearing pretty shoes.

  2. I won't ever be able to retire. That plan should have been started in '79, and in fact, I should have retired about five years ago. The best I can hope for is maybe selling photos as a supplement to the old age pension :-)

  3. I think you know I am in Public Relations.Or did you? It is not as glam as people think it is. I work pretty damn hard during the day, and on weekends and sometimes public holidays! But you do get to wear the cute shoes and dress up. I sometimes do miss the jeans and safety boots ease of my last job though, which, though PR, was pretty gritty. Depends on who you're representing, you know. I do like it most days but if I had to change, it would be to work in HR. Cause I think a lot of people just get HR completely wrong. I think I would be great at HR! Good luck!

  4. My career has always been healthcare. But am now unemployed and cannot get a job. I've been searching for six months agressively. It's terrible.

    I hope you find what you need to meet your goals. Always stay focused! =)

  5. Good Luck - you should find something. Sometimes we don't even know what we want to do - after almost 20 years in the oil industry I landed a job in post secondary education and I LOVE it!!! My husband discovered at 38 what he wanted to be when he grew up - he went back to school to become a rehab assistant (too late for full Physiotherapy schooling) - he loves what he does - although we are still paying off his student loans almost 9 years later.

  6. I am in the healthcare industry [ I am a dispatcher for medical equipment engineers ] ...I like the job itself [ well, most of the time! ] but it has its up's and down's....

    Good luck to you!! It's hard to find something that pays decent wages these days...but if you keep looking, I'm sure you'll find something!