Wednesday, September 26, 2012

it was a good month

September is one of my favourite months. Em goes back to school, we get into a fall routine, I start making more soups and curries, and all the new boots hit the stores. Also, some of my favourite memories of Bill took place in September, during a three day stay at my house in the beginning of our long distance relationship. You know, any time I get annoyed by those little things he does, I just have to remember how torturous it was to be apart! I appreciate every day that we have to love and laugh. Beth has been here for a month now, and she's adjusting well, considering our families are as different as night and day. She says she's never lived in a house with so much laughter; she finds it fascinating to watch the family dynamic and she completely fits in. Both kids got jobs, at the same mall and just down the hall from one another, and I know that Beth is both thrilled and really nervous, as this is her first time working and the first time she's ever counted on a city bus to get around! The other big news is that Jamie met my birth mother - and I have to say, the day I got that call, I just sat down in the living room and started shaking. It seemed like I would never have that day - to see what she looked like, to see where I get some of my traits. Bill and I were cleaning the kitchen with The Irish Descendents blasting away "Catch the Wind" when I got the text. Jamie: OMG. I just met Penny. She jumped out of her wheelchair and hugged me... Me: OMG! Get a pic! Jamie: I will Jamie: The pictures won't really show it, but HOLY SHIT you look JUST like her. Same eyes, nose, lips. Face shape and skin colour Me: holy shit Jamie: If you had lived really hard, and chopped off your hair, you'd be TWINS. It's freaking me out... I didn't speak to her, but from what Jamie says, she's clean and she's living in a halfway house in Vancouver. She's helping other women get off the street, but she is still not in contact with the rest of the family. If Jamie hadn't have gone out to visit my birth sister, I probably still wouldn't know what she looks like. It was a surreal moment, but a good one. One last thing - How can I separate the paragraphs in my posts? All the text is just jammed together!


  1. I'm glad to see that everything is good in your part of the world :)

    As for the text, go to the HTML view and just insert the space you want by pressing the enter button. I'm sure there's some way of doing it with code but I have no idea but when I had that problem that's what I did.

  2. I'm so happy things are going well for you, and that Jamie met your mom!! WOW! how thrilling!

  3. Exciting news for sure.
    To put a line break between your sentences in the actual post click on COMPOSE then on the right click on POST SETTINGS. Click on OPTIONS and then click on PRESS ENTER FOR LINE BREAKS. Then click on Done.
    OR....put in the tag at the end of the sentence and
    at the beginning of the next sentence when you are in the html screen not the compose screen.

  4. it must be a good month, indeed. i'm happy for you. by the way, to handle paragraphs: could you just press the return key twice? that's how i do it in wordpress.

  5. "Yay!" Kate's! back!!!!!!!
    Miss you lovely lady. So glad to see you and read you again.Things in life seem well for you, and exciting.Thrilled for you.
    Come visit me sometime:)

    (((big-tight-hugs)) for you.


  6. Just checking in again. Hope your life is full, Kate. Miss you. seems Innercircle is gone. Not many of us left.Very sad. Hope you come back and update, Kate.
    Many hugs from BC to you))))))

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