Tuesday, January 5, 2010


big drifts in front of the house. Can you see Tokyo looking out?

It's only -15°C, so it shouldn't be too bad getting Bill's truck fixed. Jamie and I are taking the bus from the east side to an industrial business park on the north end, then driving it back to the east side. Then we're going to the college by bus, then taking the bus back to the place where the truck is being fixed.

The plan to replace my truck with an affordable car has been put on hold so many times due to the cost of the holidays, the utilities and the fact that as soon as we try to register the plates, the government will take $250 (for a fine that Bill got last year) and $230 for a fine that I got last year. The insurance will be another $150 (for the first three months) and the down payment will be $500. Hopefully, we can do this on the 15th. Cross your fingers!

Other than my daily lament that we have no car, things are going okay. I am really struggling with wanting to quit my big-box job. There are some really nice people there but two of the five managers are horrible to work with. Yesterday I was scheduled from 9:30-5:00 and got there around 9:24. Sometimes there is a "huddle" going on (small staff meeting) and we're expected to stop at the huddle and listen in. Then we go back to the lunchroom, swipe in and go back to the salesfloor. As I was doing this I noticed a sympathy card and obituary on one of the tables and stopped to pick it up because someone's son had been killed in an accident.


I looked up to see Helen, the red-haired, middle-aged assistant manager glaring at me. "Yes?"

"We ARE open, and need you in the fitting rooms." I start thinking that they held me hostage for a good five minutes, listening to them drone on and on about inventory and she's going to begrudge me fifteen seconds to look at an obit? And what was with the mean glare? She's been like this for the past month and I am sick to death of it. I can see myself leaving this job on bad terms, although usually I try not to burn any bridges.

At least I have today and tomorrow to decide. Maybe I'll find a way to get some other income while I'm going to college. One can only hope!


  1. She sounds like a cow. I hope something better comes up.

  2. She does sound really rude- She could show a little more compassion, although if it were her family she would feel differently.

    I hope y'all are able to work things out with getting the car. *hugs*

  3. Sigh...just be grateful you don't have to live with her...that is how I get through some of the toxic people I have to deal with...at least I'm not married to them...only have to deal with them in 15 minute increments.

  4. Having much experience in the big box environment I can tell you there are always people like that in those places...and they're usually in managment! They all seem to subscribe to the idea that "misery loves company..and since I'm a manager, I'll MAKE you miserable...!"

  5. It just kept going on and on with her. I was happy to be able to resign!